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Reenu Sivakumar
My Experience in Sahaja Yoga
  Reenu Sivakumar, San Jose CA

I started  practising  sahaja yoga  meditation  seven years bac   in Haridwar,   India.  Actually   my  mother  started   Sahaja  Yoga meditation first and she would always tell me to meditate. During that time I had just finished my high school and was enjoying and having great fun with my friends.  I was  very  carefree in my life and  would  not   listen  anything  about  sahaj yoga.   Once  my mother took me for meditation to the Sahaja Yoga center. There I  tried to  meditate  but  I  did  not  feel any difference because I thought  that this  is  not  the age for all  these  things.  Also I had many   doubts   about  these  things  like  how   we  can  get  the thoughtless ness in front of a picture .

But  once  I  met  with  our very  close family friend Mr. Deepak Verma and he told me about Sahaja  Yoga meditation, vibrations and also about Shri Mata ji and I decide that for one more time I will go to the Sahaja Yoga center  and meditate with a  desire  to do so. Thus I was fully prepared to  go next week for meditation and I went. I saw the photograph of Shri Mataji and I sat in front of Her picture. I closed my eyes  and meditated.  The meditation was so  deep  that  I didnt  want  to  open  my  eyes,  but when
I opened  my eyes and  saw Shri Mataji's  picture  I felt I am very secure in front of Her. Tears started rolling from my eyes.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Founder of Sahaja Yoga
 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
After that I felt very light  also I felt as if I got the  answer to all my questions.  All my doubts went away with my tears, I felt the cool breeze on my palms and my head  which is  the  proof  that  my kundalini  got  awakened  effortlessly  and spontaneously. Really, Sahaj Yoga is the only way to experience this  joy. Actually through external means what we get is just happiness or pleasure but what we get through Sahaja Yoga meditation is pure Joy. 

I am married with Shiva selected by Shri Mataji for me. I am very happy with my husband. We are recently blessed by a son. We do meditation and also atend the weekly meetings of  sahaja yoga.  It help us  to enjoy a balanced and  peaceful life. We are very thankful to Shri Mata ji for all the blessing which She gave to all of us.

Reenu Sivakumar